About Us

PT DANTSU CIPTA ENERGY (DANTSU) is a company established under Indonesian law and established in 2023. DANTSU operates in the field of mineral and energy trading services for the needs of companies at home and abroad. DANTSU is committed to producing high quality coal. This is a quality assurance achieved through rigorous processes, certification and strong supply chain management.


Become a one stop source of coal from Indonesia to fuel power plants and industrial clients in Asia.                                         


To produce and trade coal in planned quantities efficiently and economically in an environmentally friendly manner while still paying attention to safety, reliability and quality


Loyalty – Integrity – Opportunities – Challenges – Performance


Projections for the next few years show expansion will continue. Our success is motivated by the growth of Indonesia's industrial sector and energy-related demand as reflected in increasing coal supplies.

This is our effort to narrow the gap in energy demand and supply by becoming a reliable and loyal supplier of coal and mining throughout Indonesia with optimal attention to environmental issues.

Therefore, we are committed to developing world-class operations through the ambitious scale, speed of execution and quality of our operations. We believe in inclusive growth and sustainable development in the communities where we operate.